Azulera Brasilito, Costa Rica Real Estate

Azulera Resort, Costa Rica

The Azulera Property contains 543 acres of opportunity for developers and individual investors. Located between Flamingo (on the north and west), and Brasilito (on the south and east, Azulera is at the heart of the Guanacaste Gold Coast. This area’s desirability for tourists and investors has already been proven, and will only be magnified by new mega-projects like the Flamingo Marina, new nearby hotels, and Azulera itself.

The Azulera vision includes distinctly different sub-development areas within the overall property, that will be woven into an integrated resort community. These areas will be accessible through 2, security-controlled main gates, offering confidence and peace of mind for those located within them.

Eventual investment options may include:

Azulera del Mar – An intimate, oceanfront residential lot community, limited to 14 home sites.

Azulera Business District – A boulevard of business from the playground in Brasilito, on the ocean side of the main highway, to the western Main Gate for Azulera. Lots average 1500 square meters, and will be sold with water letters for construction.

Corona de Azulera – A residential zone with ocean view opportunities among the highest in the immediate area of the beach.

Azulera Beach Club – An oceanfront gathering place, also serving membership access to the beach for Azulera residents and Azulera Resort Hotel guests.

Azulera Resort Hotel – This site will support a premium hotel project offering ocean view rooms, resort pool and recreational amenities, and beach access in conjunction with the Azulera Beach Club.

Olas de Azulera – Investors seeking a multi-unit, oceanfront, residential environment will find opportunities here.

And, Azulera does not stop there. Additional properties within the bounds of Azulera will find their ultimate purpose, as the entire area grows and evolves.

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